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When Beth turned around and looked at Sarah before she jumped in front of the train it was like she didn't even register her. I don't expect them to last. Tamil nude sex photos. I don't fall for lesbian couples so easily anymore, I need evidence they have a chance before I become a fan.

Hopefully, they'll talk about these things more openly after the finale. Orphan black lesbian scene. Best of all, they way they've built up Cossima's continued affection for Delphin makes me hopeful they mean them to have a proper reconnection and potentially relationship well lucky for us the Shay actress got a permanent gig on Turn. I really am solely attracted to Cosima.

We're clinging to any hope she might pull through in season 4, but if not then this is definitely us:. I don't like Paul and I certainly hope Sarah won't be with him for the entire series. But her being hypnotized is certainly an idea. She could just as easily be using Cosima. And for lesbian relationships, it's still such a rare thing to even see an ongoing one, let alone a happy couple. Non sexual nude photos. Shay's "role" will be that she shot Delphine. Felix got the shaft more than any other character this season.

This show moves so fast - the lesbian storyline could be over next week if they decide to kill Delphine off because it helps to move the plot forward. Cosplay Is for Everyone. Vacuous, blonde stereotype or secret intel compiling genius? As always, people are going to jump into a canon lesbian ship with enthusiasm, but this one is very much still in the potential stage, and most shippers are aware of all the looming bad ends.

I hope they delve a little bit into why Leekie seems specifically interested in Cosima. But not directly saying Shay would be back in season 4. She is also gay. Do you guys know something I don't? Plus, I thought it was fully delusional to assume any other person on earth could do even five percent of what Tatiana Maslany can do. I'm gay, femme and I don't want a relationship.

Sarah and Rachel are both dirty skanks, it is fitting that their sex scenes are raunchier. We already got double standards on the sex scene so I am waiting to see how they do with the rest of the storyline before I call them out. Sci-fi and queer ladies go together like Kristen Stewart and slouching. Panty pics milf. Maybe she was in denial because she didn't expect to like her?

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I don't see her as Cosima's love interest anymore. A lot of times when a show gets rid of a female love interest it is done to homophobia and sexism. Massive black tits pics. Cosima is hot and gay. Also I've seen people speculating that Delphine also has a fake eye and that Rachael is seeing out of Delphine's eye.

Well maybe this is me taking a leap here but when Cosima said to Delphine "I get it, you aren't gay" I assumed this was Cosima stating that she was gay.

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Honestly thought her character will be more relevant to the plot since it seemed like the introduction of her character was a big deal at the time. Although I suppose she's the most likely candidate to be sending Rachel swan-grams through her eye-talkie -- likely of her location then, right?

While these shows cumulatively spanned from —it seems we are now experiencing a queer sci-fi renaissance. We want lasting couples. I found the plot to be complex without purpose and I was frequently annoyed by what was happening. Atti May 23 Cosima looks dashing and hot in a tux, while Delphine wears a floaty white dress. Right now it's just a PR tool.

Collectively bracing ourselves and lowering expectations with worst case scenario based on past experiences?

As if sensing that queer viewers are on edge, the Orphan Black team also Tweeted a teaser clip taken from a new BBC America brand commercial, which does not feature in the Season Five trailer.

Delphine had the best hair! I had a tough time with the Castor clones! I hope they delve a little bit into why Leekie seems specifically interested in Cosima. Naked women 1960s. The show never backed down on calling what the Castors were doing rape, either. Orphan black lesbian scene. But no, it doesn't say anything about where the relationship is headed. Best of all, they way they've built up Cossima's continued affection for Delphin makes me hopeful they mean them to have a proper reconnection and potentially relationship.

So the official tumblr are selling the girl couple to keep people's attention on the show to get ratings. This is where she looked best to me. I don't really think the "only as a PR tool" thing has much merit, though. They use their best assets to get attention.

But you think that Bo should have a more "suitable" girlfriendo, while at the same time going on to say that you want exactly that instability from Cosima and Delphine? Orphan Black ended its third season with a bang.

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I just wanna make ghostly pseudoscience with you. That's why I didn't get it when she seemed so surprised that it had worked. Sarah is obviously the big mystery that's running the story right now but Helena's is pretty big as well. Fully nude stars. Orphan black lesbian scene. Plus I do think they purposefully make the lesbian scenes more conservative. Ashley huge tits Guest May 23 But if she shot Delphine and other people took her, maybe she want's to know where she is, since she is a baddie.

Jun 12 But I think the scene between Cosima and Delphine was more to further on the intrigue of exactly what Delphine is up to and to show her actively spying on Cosima. It's kind of the point of having an OTP. Does anyone remember the episode where they said Cosima also cannot have kids?

I do think we need more sex scenes on par with what Sarah and Paul. It feels forced to me. I enjoy they're letting her have a girfriend but I'm not getting aboard this ship yet.

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